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Notices in brief...

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Benefice Trinity Sunday Service & BBQ at Northwood Park

Sunday 18th June at 11.00am.

There will be prayers held in Crawley Church at 9.15am and in Littleton and Sparsholt at 10.00am, before the walks to Northwood Park begin.

There will be an outdoor family friendly communion service (in the barn should weather be inclement) followed by a BBQ.

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Christian Aid Week 14-21 May 2017 (Littleton)

We see almost daily on our TV's the desperate plight of millions of refugees. Christian Aid's decision to focus on these families, just as they did after the Second World War, is timely.

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Alauda String Quartet Concert

Saturday 27th May at 7.30pm, St Peter and Holy Corss, Wherwell.

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Bishop Nick & Catherine Drayson

A very warm 'thank you' to those across the Benefice who contributed to the gift for the ministry of Bishop Nick and Catherine Drayson in the Anglican Diocese of North Argentina. The total amount raised was £1,101.25. 

 A Spring Programme of Meditations at Wherwell Church

Following the success of our Autumn meditation, we are now offering three further meditations on the lives of St Anselm, George Herbert and Bishop J V Taylor.

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Request for Prayer from Revd Jax

"Please pray for those candidates from across the Benefice currently training in Pastoral Visiting and Lay Worship Leaders' ministries."


The Reverend David Mapes

The Reverend David Mapes is leaving ministry in the Downs Benefice and will explore other ministry opportunities in the Church (Diocese). He will be leading workship in the five parishes in April and May and in other ministry settings to enable goodbyes to be said.

Benefice Pilgrimage to the Holy Land - 5-14th September 2017

It has been decided not to pursue the idea of a Benefice Pilgrimage this year. However Revd Jax will still be going to Jerusalem for 4 nights during this period and has suggested that anyone who might like to join her would be most welcome. For further information please go to Notices 

St Catherine's, Littleton - car-ferry system

St Catherine's currently provide a car-ferry system to enable Sunrise residents and our regular congregation (who temporarily or permanently cannot drive) to attend Sunday Services. Please go to Notices for further information

Sparsholt 100 Club 

The Sparsholt 100 Club aims to raise funds to help keep the church open and well maintained by holding a lottery for residents local to Sparsholt. Please go to Notices for further information.

East Africa Crisis Appeal

16 million people in East Africa are on the brink of starvation and urgently need food, water and medical treatment in South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia following the strongest El Nino on record.

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 Live the Mission

Newsletter from the Diocese of Winchester.

Parish Magazine Deadline

Copy for Aug/Sept edition of the Benefice Parish Magazine should be submitted by 12.00 noon - 10th July

 Benefice Office

open daily 9am-5pm 

Tel: 01962 880845

A warm welcome to The Downs Benefice

This Downs Benefice lies to the north-west of Winchester, former Capital City of England

In this Benefice we welcome everyone to our altars during communion.
Communicant members from all denominations are most welcome and others are invited for a blessing.

There are five Parish Churches in The Downs Benefice...

The Parish Churches in The Downs Benefice


St Mary the Less Chilbolton

Village Street, Chilbolton, Hampshire, SO20 6BQ 

The church is  a prominent building within the village of Chilbolton and is well supported by the community. The name St Mary-the-Less is somewhat of a mystery and it is not really known to which St Mary the church is dedicated. The church was built in the 12th century and extensive alterations have been made over the years. ..more


St Stephen's Sparsholt with Lainston

          Church Lane Sparsholt Hampshire SO21 2NJ

The church, a typical Hampshire structure of flint and stone, is very prominent on raised ground in the centre of the village. Pagan inhabitants may have used the site for worship before the Saxons constructed a simple wooden building, which began the tradition of Christian worship in that place. Its dedication to St Stephen is not common in the British Isles....more

St Mary's Crawley

           Main Road, Crawley, Hampshire, SO21 2PZ 


St Peter and Holy Cross Wherwell

               Church Street, Wherwell, Hampshire, SP11 7JJ

Standing on the site of a royal religious foundation, Wherwell church has a long history stretching back to Saxon times...more 


St Catherine's Littleton

   Main Road, Littleton, Winchester SO22 6QY

It has been said that there is evidence of a church on the existing site for over a thousand years...more